SWEAT Outdoors was designed to cater to a growing population of people desiring to get out of the gym and workout outdoors.

Our workouts take place at many of our local parks, beaches and trails. By getting outdoors and leaving the filthy, smelly, recycled air and people-watching gym scene behind, you will develop a fitter, functional body and a healthier mind.

  • SWEAT challenges all of our staff to push the limit, learn different exercises to encourage cross training, while creating camaraderie within our lifeguard staff of 45. No one does it better, and while it is a challenging activity the team bonding, encouragement from the SWEAT team and the fun environment make it a “must do” each year.

    Rich Hanna City of Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation Dept
  • I look forward to this event all week. I look forward to seeing the new people I have met as well as meeting new attendees. I look forward to the workout. I look forward to being a part of this community group, much like my past team experiences. Try it, you’ll get hooked too!

    Steve Dugan National and World Champion Ultimate Frisbee

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